Flight Simulator & Training Services

Flight Simulator

-3D & VR Flight Simulator Training (learn to fly!) 

-Rotary & Fixed Wing Aircraft Available

-In-Person & Remote Training Services Available

Aircraft List (updated 02.28.2022)


-Bell UH-1H Huey Single Engine Turbine Helicopter

-Discover Rotary Flight Lesson, Standard and VIP lessons are all available for this aircraft

*Discover flight lessons are 90 minutes in duration.  Starting off with 45 minutes ground school and ending with 45 minutes in-simulator.  3D is available for discover flight lessons. 

-3D & VR Standard Flight Simulator Bookings are available (includes free gift!)

-3D & VR First Class & VIP Package Includes Deluxe Gift Bag.  Also includes advanced mission planning, flight and pre-flight planning options.

NOTE:  Due to motion sickness VR is not recommended for durations exceeding 15 minutes for first use.

Fixed Wing:

-TBD (coming soon)

You get to choose the following options for your simulated flight!

  1. Weather (Clear, Cloudy, Rain, Snow)
  2. Time of Day (Day or Night)
  3. Season (Summer, Autumn or Winter)
  4. Choice of your Flight Controls! *VIP ONLY
  • H.O.T.A.S. Hands on Throttle and Stick with Foot Pedals Controls included on Standard Flights (remote off-site & in-person)
  • Cyclic, Collective & Anti-Torque Pedals on VIP/First Class Lessons

Advanced Training Options Available!

  • Confined Space Landings & Sling Load Operations
  • Offshore Operations (Oil Refinery & Aircraft Carrier)
  • Mid-Air Refueling 
  • IFR Training, IMC Conditions 
  • Navigation & Flight Planning
  • Tactical Flight & NOE 

Price List

  • Discover Flight Lesson (Rotary or Fixed Wing)       $75 CDN
  • 1 HR 3D or VR Flight Simulator w/Instruction       $75/HR CDN
  • 1 HR First Class VIP Package w/Instruction       $125/HR CDN
  • Remote Training or In-Person Ground School      $25/HR CDN
  • Discover VR Flight (15 Minutes)                              $20 CDN
  • Sightseeing Tour Flight                                            $20 CDN
  • 1/2 Day & Full Day Simulator w/Instruction             $Contact 
  • Special Event Bookings w/Catering                        $Contact
Artistic Flight is taking pre-bookings for flight training at this time.  

Contact us on Facebook if you wish to book a lesson!

Anticipated Start Date for Lessons: FALL 2022 ! 

Come learn the art of flight at Artistic Flight!

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